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Our Journey

Our Journey

A Long, Long Time Ago...

The Castilla brand started in 1989 with select pieces of fine furniture directly shipped from our friends in Italy to our friends in Singapore. From 1 brand to 2 brands and we grew from there. From Italy to Spain, to Germany and France; from different quarries to factories, to countryside restaurants and family homes - Castilla is the culmination of all the interactions and cultures shared between us, our factories and most importantly, our customers. Behind each piece of furniture lie a distinctive story waiting to be shared.

Throughout the years, our mix and locations have changed but one thing remains the same - the continued passion for finer things and a disciplined dedication to quality. 


Exclusivity Retention and In-house Designing

We started to expand quite quickly - as many of you older friends may remember. It was a transient time. Many brands came and went. This created a gap in exclusivity and quality which were not representative of what we held dear to the Castilla brand. Surmounting these challenges was made possible with the support and trust our customers had in us. With the positive encouragement from customers and close friends alike, we started to delve into in-house designing in 2002. We started to partner factories. We started to work closely with brands who held the same beliefs as us - exclusivity, design and quality.


The Finer Collective
And here we are today. A collective of exclusive brands, products that represent the design and quality we continue to hold dear to the Castilla brand. Under our collective is a wide array of products - each and every one carefully designed, crafted and presented to you.